Rules of Craps

Rules of Craps

September 24, 2021 0 By admin

Craps is a dice game that is played in casinos throughout the world. It is the only casino game where the player decides how much to bet and how to play each turn, rather than relying on a casino employee.

The craps table has been used in many movies and other forms of media to represent a gambling or high-stakes environment.

Craps is a game that is played with two dice. The craps game is played with two dice. The game starts by rolling the dice on the craps table.

Holding the dice in your hand, you shake it and throw it onto the table. If you throw a 7 or 11, then you win. If you don’t roll either of these numbers, you lose and your turn is over. You can also choose to place bets on how many points will be rolled before either 7 or 11 are rolled again.

The person who rolls first throws them to start the game and takes their turn until they roll either a 7 or 11, then they pass their turn to another player at the table until that happens again.